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Stackable Cluster Dextrin and d-ribose product up next from Sweden’s Aware Nutrition

Aware Nutrition Aware Carbs

Aware Nutrition has done an incredible job expanding its selection of sports nutrition supplements far beyond the heights we would’ve expected when it initially came out. The Swedish brand has come an impressively long way and grown its originally small selection of products into a fully-fledged catalog that beginners through to experienced users can build themselves an effective stack from.

The ever-growing Aware Nutrition has announced another addition to its family that’ll be available for purchase shortly through its direct-to-consumer online store, and it goes by the name Aware Carbs. The supplement is indeed carbohydrate-based but with a premium twist, as it relies exclusively on high-quality sources with a combined 23g of Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin, and d-ribose.

To further add to Aware Carbs, Aware Nutrition has thrown in coconut water, and a handful of electrolytes to also improve hydration alongside the fuel and performance support you get from the carbohydrates. Again, you’ll be able to grab the product shortly from the brand’s website in a seemingly small tub size, and it doesn’t have any flavor to it, making it easier to mix with other supplements.