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Baja Bomb coming soon to Redcon1 Energy followed by a grapefruit flavor

Baja Bomb Redcon1 Energy Drink

Energy drinks is one of the faster-moving categories out there, with most of the top competitors regularly rolling out new flavors to keep things fun and exciting. Sports nutrition giant Redcon1, recently got into the space with its great-tasting Redcon1 Energy, and it debuted in a strong selection of flavors. The brand rolled out the product in Vice City, Cali Splash, Freedom Frost, Sour Gummy Blast, and the exclusive Sour Peach Rings.

With the pace of the category being the way it is and Redcon1 being a fast-moving brand itself, it may come as no surprise that it already has several new flavors ready to go. Redcon1 has revealed that finalized and waiting to go into production or be released are five more flavors of Redcon1 Energy. The first of those five to come to market will be Baja Bomb, a recipe we suspect to be some sort of a tropical lime experience.

After Baja Bomb, Redcon1 Energy is apparently going to get some sort of grapefruit taste. Keep in mind, Baja Bomb and grapefruit are two of five the brand has finalized, as there are some it’s also beta testing that are not where they need to be just yet, including Raspberry Tea. Basically, despite the energy drink being a few months old, Redcon1 is already hard at work, planning to build on its momentum and expand the product’s menu.