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Body Attack ups the BCAAs and caffeine in its bottled version of BCAA Kick

Body Attack Bottle Bcaa Kick

After already featuring the retailer and brand earlier today with its almost standalone KSM-66 ashwagandha supplement, we have Body Attack back in the headlines with news of something for the beverage side of the industry. BCAA Attack is a canned carbonated drink the company has had available for many years, combining 4g of BCAAs for the first half of its name, and 105mg of energizing caffeine supporting the second half.

Body Attack has now turned BCAA Kick into a bottled beverage, taking the same approach as the original can but stepping things up a bit in terms of dosages. The new BCAA Kick has 50% more of its title ingredient, BCAAs, at 6g in a 500ml bottle, and the energy has been increased by a similar amount to 160mg of caffeine. The macros on the beverage aren’t too bad either, with no carbohydrates and just 30 calories from the aminos.

The non-carbonated BCAA Kick in a bottle doesn’t have anywhere near as many flavors as the original, although it did only hit the market this month. There are currently two tastes for the BCAA and caffeine-powered product in White Tea Peach and Red Berries. They’re both available from Body Attack’s website and cost a low €1.99 (2.11 USD) each, or €1.63 if you get in and use the coupon “PERFORM18” before it expires this Sunday.