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Creative candy flavors from Bucked Up launch for three of its pre-workouts

Bucked Up Candy Flavor Series Three Pre Workouts

You may remember we posted on Bucked Up’s new similarly-themed flavors just a few days ago. The brand announced the launch of three candy tastes for its pre-workout Bucked Up, the first being White Gummy Deer, a sweet but light pineapple flavor. The second is Sour Bucks, a well-rounded sour taste, and lastly, the juicy yet tart Cherry Candy.

Bucked Up has since revealed that those same three flavors will join the menu of two of its other products, both pre-workouts in the stim-heavy Woke AF and the nootropic-focused BAMF. The candy flavors cost the same as any other option of the supplements, with Bucked Up at $49.95, and Woke AF and BAMF at a slightly higher price of $54.95 per tub.

Bucked Up is also launching the new candy flavors alongside a promotion, starting with a $50 spend getting you a free supplement sample pack and Buck Season sampler. Spend $100 and receive a free t-shirt plus the gifts from a $50 purchase, and lastly, spend $200 and receive all the gifts mentioned and a trial-size tub of BAMF in one of its candy flavors.