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CNP begins hyping its character-flavored pump pre-workout Full Pump

Cnp Previews Full Pump Pre-Workout

Legacy sports nutrition brand CNP has been teasing a fresh new supplement over the past few days with intriguing images relating to the various flavors of the upcoming and mysterious supplement. Today we’ve got the first look at the greatly hyped product, and it is sort of a run-on from its already available stimulant-powered pre-workout Full Tilt, introducing Full Pump.

As you could probably guess by the name, CNP’s Full Pump is a pump-enhancing pre-workout, presumably stimulant free like most dedicated pump pre-workouts and stackable with the aforementioned Full Tilt for a complete experience. The brand hasn’t shared too many details yet, the only other bit of information we have is that Full Pump is coming in four character-based flavors.

The character flavors are what CNP has been teasing these last few days, and those tastes are Grape Kola Kraken, Tropical Thunder, Mr. B, and the Orange Thing. We look forward to seeing the formula reveal for the pump-powering pre-workout Full Pump, as CNP has crafted some solid, well-put-together supplements in the past, and with all of the hype, we expect it to be up there.

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