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Swedish influencer MandyFit teams up with GAAM for her own pre-workout

Gaam Nutrition X Mandyfit Pwo

Swedish house brand GAAM Nutrition from the sports nutrition retailer Proteinbolaget, has put together a flavor in partnership with fellow Swedish fitness influencer and personal trainer MandyFit. While most of the time, we see the store and brand releasing extensions of its signature energy drink, GAAM Energy or pre-workout PWR, that is not what GAAM and MandyFit have come together for.

Proteinbolaget’s GAAM Nutrition has collaborated with MandyFit for a special edition flavor of a completely new supplement named GAAM PWO, which is a pre-workout but not the same as the already available PWR. PWO is a relatively straightforward product, not featuring anything we haven’t seen before or any over-the-top dosages, although it does have a few similarities to the pre-workout mentioned earlier, PWR.

GAAM Nutrition and MandyFit’s GAAM PWO packs 2.5g of citrulline malate for pumps, 2g of beta-alanine for performance, a gram of arginine AKG, 750mg of acetyl-l-carnitine, and 400mg of theanine. The high-quality carbohydrate is in the mix as well with 2.5g of Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin, and, of course, caffeine is in there, at a reasonably light 150mg a serving to enhance energy.

You can purchase the collaboration pre-workout directly from Proteinbolaget’s website for a substantially higher price than the already available GAAM PWR at SEK 299 (28.22 USD) for a tub of 30 servings. That is marginally more than PWR by two, although that cost is 50% more expensive. Either way, the special edition collaboration does have its own individual flavor in a refreshing Mango Lemon.