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Apple Candy expands the menu of Gorilla Alpha’s original hit pre-workout Yeti Juice

Gorilla Alpha Candy Apple Yeti Juice

The powerhouse and reputable stimulant pre-workout Yeti Juice from the UK-based brand Gorilla Alpha has a new flavor out this month, featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages fans have come to rely on in the supplement. Like the other options available for Yeti Juice, the brand has given its latest flavor creation its own individual label design, and it pops just as much as the rest with a full spectrum of vibrant colors.

The seemingly ongoing flavor rolling out for Gorilla Alpha’s high energy and intense focus pre-workout Yeti Juice is Apple Candy, which sounds like a classic apple taste with a touch of extra sweetness. You can grab the flavor extension straight from the brand’s online store, where you’ll pay £36.99 (44.44 USD) for a full-size tub, and keep in mind this is for the brand’s regular pre-workout Yeti Juice, not the harder-hitting Ibiza Juice.