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Gorilla Dream undergoes a few changes including the switch to Sensoril ashwagandha

Gorilla Mind New Gorilla Dream

Gorilla Dream is a supplement from the reputable Gorilla Mind, and it isn’t completely new, being around for some time. This year, however, the brand has decided to revamp the nighttime product and make a few changes to the formula. The aim of the supplement is still very much the same, built to help you get to sleep, get quality deep sleep, and in turn, improve recovery and have you waking up refreshed and ready to go.

The main tweaks Gorilla Mind has made to Gorilla Dream are the swapping of the form of vitamin B6 to the superior pyridoxal-5-phosphate or P5P, and mucuna pruriens has been dropped completely. The brand has also lowered the amount of combined melatonin to 3mg, half from regular melatonin and the other half from Microactive sustained release melatonin, and finally, the 300mg of ashwagandha has been switched for the higher standardized Sensoril ashwagandha at 250mg per serving.

Gorilla Mind New Gorilla Dream Label

All of the other key components in Gorilla Mind’s sleep-supporting Gorilla Dream are the same, including half a gram of GABA, 200mg of theanine, precise 62.5mg of chamomile, and 75mg of valerian root. The capsule format and serving size remain the same as well, where four capsules get you all of the full serving dosages.

Gorilla Mind has restocked Gorilla Dream this week, officially swapping out the previous version of the Sensoril-powered sequel, again, designed to help you get better quality sleep and improve overnight recovery. The price of a bottle of the nighttime product is $39.99, giving you the usual 30 servings to last a typical month, and ongoing ambassador coupons do work, such as More Plates More Dates’ “MPMD” for 10% discount.