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HTLT gives fans another reason not to shop elsewhere in its latest essential product

Htlt Multi Vit

Greg Doucette’s brand, Harder Than Last Time, more simply known as HTLT, has grown immensely since coming to market with only a handful of supplements. The brand is at the point now where you could buy an entire stack from within its lineup, with a variety of pre-workouts, different protein powders, muscle builders and fat burners, daily essentials, and even an edible item in the CICOBar.

This month, HTLT is giving you another reason not to shop elsewhere with the launch of another day-to-day necessity, introducing its multivitamin, aptly named Multi Vit. The brand hasn’t done anything advanced or complex here; it has brought together a selection of vitamins and minerals at respectable dosages to support general health and wellness, all rolled up into a three-capsule serving.

Again, HTLT Multi Vit doesn’t try to do things too differently by adding other ingredients outside of vitamins and minerals for additional benefits; it’s kept to the point and is exclusively a multivitamin. The cost of the supplement is $34.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, although there is a limited time deal that automatically gets you 25% discount, dropping it to a more reasonable $26.24 a piece.