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Impact introduces its stackable X Series of muscle building, fat loss and recovery products

Impact Supplements X Series

Supplement brand Impact Sports Nutrition didn’t have an overly large selection of products previously, but it was present in many of the major categories, such as pre-workout with Riot and weight loss with Iconic. To start the year strong, the Australian brand is massively expanding its catalog and welcoming several new supplements, all complex and advanced, under its capsule format X Series.

Impact Sports Nutrition’s all-new X Series consists of four different products, including the muscle builder Turk X, the recovery-supporting Zen X, the fat-burning Physique X, and lastly, the testosterone booster Macho X. Each of the supplements comes with a variety of ingredients to deliver on the primary purpose of its category, except for Turk X, which is a turkesterone formula with 700mg of the popular turkesterone source, ajuga turkestanica.

The ingredients fans can look forward to in the other Impact Sports Nutrition’s X Series items start with a selection of commonly used testosterone-supporting components in Macho X, like tribulus, longjack, laxogenin, and DIM. Physique X is a complex fat burner featuring caffeine, 5-HTP, dandelion root, hordenine, synephrine, and a few others, then lastly, Zen X brings together GABA, zinc, valerian root, lemon balm, and passion flower for rest and recovery.

Impact Macho X

With their own individual set of ingredients, everything in the X Series from Impact Sports Nutrition’s can be stacked together, whether that be Turk X and Macho X for maximum muscle-building or added Physique X for a leaner gaining experience. You can grab any or all of the products directly from the brand’s online store, with individual bottles and discounted bundles available for purchase.

Over at the supplements in the X Series are $79.95(55.36 USD) each except for the turkesterone-based Turk X, which is a bit more at $89.95 (62.28 USD). The products also have 30 servings a bottle; unless you get the weight loss formula Physique X, then you’re looking at 22 and a half. As mentioned, there are some bundles available through the brand’s online store, such as the X Series Bundle of Macho X, Zen X, and Physique X at $269.85 (186.84 USD).