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Max Muscle enhances a solid 10g of EAAs with AstraGin in EAA Plus

Max Muscle Eaa Plus

Arm Plus is one of the more popular supplements available from max Muscle, which is an intra-workout built to support performance and recovery during and after your workout. It does include the three all-important BCAAs, not all nine EAAs, although if you’re a fan of the and that is something you’re looking for, it now has something it can offer in the form of EAA Plus.

Max Muscle has expanded its presence in the amino category with EAA Plus, finally giving its fans a more complete and comprehensive product that does have each of the nine EAAs combined for a sizeable 10g a serving. The aminos are the key feature of the supplement, with only one other component to EAA Plus, and that is 50mg of premium AstraGin to enhance absorption.

EAA Plus is not as advanced as Arm Plus or cover as many benefits, but again if you’re a Max Muscle fan looking to add EAAs to your monthly stack, the brand’s latest effort allows you to do just that. You can purchase the product directly from Max Muscle’s online store at $42.99, a fair amount cheaper than Arm Plus at $60.99, and that’s for 30 servings with two flavors.