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First look at Myoblox’s limited Color Money Skywalk in a Berry Cream flavor

Myoblox Unveils its Color Money version of Skywalk

It has been quite some time since we’ve seen or heard anything from the team at Myoblox, although the most recent development was a big one with the launch of the revamped stimulant-free pump pre-workout Blo, now featuring 3D Pump. We’ve got the reputable brand in the headlines this week for the first time in 2023, and it’s regarding a special edition flavor, or maybe a series, of its hit nootropic product, Skywalk.

Myoblox has revealed that it is getting ready to release a limited-time Berry Cream flavor of Skywalk, although it’s not just any version of Skywalk but what it refers to as the Color Money edition. When the brand has done spin-off series like this in the past, the formula inside the supplement has been a bit different sometimes, whether that’s an added ingredient or a couple of tweaks, and it that may be the case here.

While Myoblox hasn’t confirmed anything specifically, the Color Money Skywalk has a noticeably larger weight than regular ongoing flavors of the energy and focus product, at 14.4g a serving. The already available options of the supplement come in a little less than that at 12g, which isn’t a big leap, but a difference nonetheless. We should be getting more details on the Color Money variant of Skywalk and its Berry Cream flavor shortly, and we look forward to any changes if there are some.

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