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Easter Egg Layered Protein Bar is early but back to celebrate another Easter

Myprotein Easter Egg Layered Protein Bar

Around this time last year, as well as the year before that, despite being a couple of months away from the big day, Myprotein rolled out a special edition product specifically themed around Easter. It was indeed a limited-time Easter Egg flavor of its hit protein snack, the varying texture and taste, Layered Protein Bar, packing the product’s usual 20g of protein a bar and keeping the sugar reasonably low to 2.7g.

It’s no surprise that Myprotein has brought back its limited edition Easter Egg Layered Protein Bar for 2023, although this year, it is a little earlier than 2022 and 2021. Fans of the brand and fitness enthusiasts that want a bit of Easter infused into their protein snack can grab the Easter Egg flavor with colorful candy egg shells across the top from at £2.99, £16.99 for six, or £27.99 for a complete box of 12.