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RAZE previews its non-carbonated black tea-based energy drink with zero calories

Raze Tea Energy Drink

RAZE Energy has gone from an advanced, high-energy, zero-calorie, great-tasting energy drink to an extensive selection of flavors that are available all across the country and all around the world. It has maintained its original formula, packed full of energy, focus, and performance-supporting features, including a strong 300mg of caffeine, tyrosine, choline, the all-important BCAAs, and carnitine tartrate.

While we’ve seen many flavor extensions for the RAZE Energy drink over the years, we have not seen any sort of spin-off or additional beverage experience, but we are about to get precisely that. The brand has taken the covers off a project it’s been working on, introducing RAZE Tea, a non-carbonated energy drink combining black tea, a little extra caffeine, a variety of vitamins for general health, no sugar, and zero calories.

RAZE has previewed RAZE Tea in four flavors, some of which are previously released RAZE Energy options with White Peach, Half & Half Lemonade, and the completely new creations, Sweet Tea and Green Tea. RAZE Tea will be an undoubtedly welcome addition to the brand, expanding its reach to those that prefer something non-carbonated and tea-based, or simply something different for fans of the original RAZE Energy.