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G Fuel creates a Sour Berry flavor themed around the classic Queen Of Hearts

Sour Berry G Fuel

Week after week, we say it isn’t a week without something to share from the gaming supplement giant G Fuel, and once again, we have precisely that with details on another flavor extension for its signature, self-titled product. In line with Valentine’s Day, which was yesterday, the brand rolled out another option for its energy and focus-supporting supplement, although unlike most of its flavor drops, this one is not a collaboration.

The team at G Fuel has cooked up a flavor called Sour Berry, themed around the Queens Of Hearts from a traditional deck of cards, and it features the taste from its name in a sweet and sour berry experience. We can’t see anywhere saying the Sour Berry G Fuel is limited, so you can expect to be able to purchase it consistently moving forward, and you can grab it directly from at the brand’s usual price of $35.99 a tub.

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