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Good Idea adds a bit of citrusy to its menu in a new Swedish Lemon flavor

Swedish Lemon Good Idea Drink

Good Idea is a functional beverage company that has one product on the market at the moment, although it’s not all about energy or focus, like most competitors doing drinks. The brand crafted its beverage specifically to help reduce blood sugar, support a healthy metabolism, and improve your body’s ability to use food for energy, with its key ingredients being BCAAs, lysine, threonine, and chromium picolinate.

The self-titled Good Idea functional drink debuted in three flavors with Wild Berry, Black Currant, and Sea Berry, all without any sugar, carbohydrates, or calories. Since its launch, the brand has added another taste to its sparkling water beverage in Strawberry Elderflower, and now there is a fifth one in the mix. Joining the three originals and the strawberry-themed recipe is a citrusy Swedish Lemon Good Idea.

You can purchase the new Swedish Lemon alongside those other four over on Good Idea’s website at $38.99 for a case of a dozen cans, or if you want to subscribe to receive a case every month, it discounts to $35.09. There is also the Try Them All Bundle, where you can get 12 cans each of Wild Berry, Black Currant, Sea Berry, Strawberry Elderflower, and Swedish Lemon, which works out to $32.99 per case of 12.

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