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Blackcurrant expands the menu of two of Trained By JP’s advanced intra-workouts

Trained By Jp Nutrition Blackcurrant Squash

The always busy brand Trained By JP Nutrition, from reputable bodybuilder and coach Jordan Peters, has a new flavor out this week for two separate supplements, both falling into the category of intra-workout. The products getting the brand’s attention are the powerhouse performance and recovery formula MPS Max, and the carbohydrate-fueled intra-workout Sustain, featuring Sustamine and Cluster Dextrin.

The new addition to Trained By JP Nutrition’s MPS Max and Sustain, as mentioned, is the same for both products with Blackcurrant Squash, bringing MPS Max’s menu to a total of five and Sustain, one less, at four. The Blackcurrant flavor extensions are in stock and available now through the brand’s online store, with a tub of the more amino-focused MPS Max costing £39.99 and the carbohydrate-based Sustain is £49.99.