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Trained By JP makes its superfood competitor stand out with a solid source of protein

Trained By Jp Nutrition Greens Superfood

The consistently growing selection of supplements from Jordan Peters’ brand Trained By JP Nutrition has expanded once again this week with another entry on its health and wellness side. The brand has revealed and released Greens Superfood, an obvious superfood-based product, bringing together a variety of fruits and greens, and a plant-based ingredient that makes this quite a unique superfood competitor.

Trained By JP Nutrition’s Greens Superfood features 13 different fruits and vegetables, including the likes of kale, orange, blueberry, carrot, and beets, providing a strong assortment of vitamins and minerals. As mentioned, there is an uncommon feature to the supplement, in that it comes with a solid dose of pea protein, giving you 21g of vegan-friendly protein alongside all of the goodness from the superfood ingredients.

Another notable feature of the new Greens Superfood from Trained By JP Nutrition is omega-3, which you get a solid 1.2g of per serving. The product is really a plant-based protein powder with a comprehensive selection of superfoods, again, resulting in a unique supplement. Fans of the brand and those interested in Greens Superfood can grab it from at £34.99 (42.05 USD) for a tub of 28 servings in a Vanilla flavor.