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Original Protein from Vega gives you 25g of plant protein and a source of fiber

Vega Original Protein

A new plant-based protein-focused supplement has entered the Vega family by the name of Vega Original Protein. Compared to other products in the brand’s lineup, Original Protein is more along the lines of Real Food Smoothie than, say, Sport Protein. It has a balanced meal replacement approach to its nutrition profile, again similar to Real Food Smoothie, although Vega’s latest relies on a different set of ingredients.

Vega Original Protein gives you a traditional 25g of protein per serving from plant-based pea protein, then you get a little less than that in carbohydrates at 14g, 3g of that fiber, and 3g of fat, for a total of 180 calories. The brand promotes the supplement for use as an additive to a smoothie for its high protein and fiber, or you can enjoy it all by itself by throwing it in a shaker bottle and mixing it up that way.

Original Protein is available for purchase alongside Vega’s many other plant-based products on its website at $24.89 for a tub of around ten servings or pay a touch more at $31.29 for a tub of about 20 servings. Both options are available in two traditional tastes with Creamy Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla, and both promise a rich and creamy taste experience.