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Viking Power puts a massive 12g of straight citrulline in its Leviathan pre-workout

Viking Power Leviathan

Sports nutrition supplements are available all over the world; however, not all markets are as developed as the next, with some facing tough restrictions and others building some serious competition and impressive formulations. Sweden has become a strong market with many solid products emerging from the country over the past year, and Viking Power’s latest effort has just raised the bar.

Viking Power is a well-established, reputable supplement company in Sweden, and it is a house brand of the reliable retailer MM Sports. It has a presence in many different categories, including pre-workout, and that is where the brand’s newest product is competing. Viking Power has given its new supplement the fitting name Leviathan, and it is its most premium and packed-out pre-workout to date.

The serving size on Viking Power’s Leviathan pre-workout is a sizeable 33g, and more than a third of that is pure citrulline. The Swedish house brand has included the reliable pump and performance ingredient at an absolutely massive 12g in a maximum serving. That sits alongside an equally large 6g of beta-alanine for performance, 1.5g of tyrosine and half a gram of lion’s mane for focus, and a strong 400mg of caffeine to elevate and enhance energy.

Viking Power Leviathan Label

There is more to the formula powering Leviathan, although most of its other ingredients are not common in pre-workouts. In combination with all of those highlights mentioned above, Viking Power has thrown in a light 250mg of coconut water, 1.5g of inositol, 150mg of phosphatidylserine, half a gram of glucuronolactone, the all-important amino acid leucine at 3g, and interestingly, the typical hormone health component ashwagandha at 200mg a serving.

Sweden has indeed become an impressive, competitive, and respected sports nutrition market, and Viking Power’s Leviathan reflects that. So far, the over-the-top, premium supplements have been coming out of the US, Canada, and sometimes the UK, but this one certainly mixes that up. Leviathan is available from MM Sports for a little more than Viking Power’s other pre-workouts, Valkyrie PWO and Thor’s Hammer Mj√∂lner, at 499 SEK (48.17 USD) for a tub of 20 servings.