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VMI combining greens, reds, enzymes and probiotics for its superfood competitor

Vmi Sports Greens Reds

The superfood category has become much more important and popular over the last couple of years, with several sports nutrition brands now including it in their lineup. Like most types of supplements, competitors tend to go one of two ways with superfood; something simple and to the point featuring only fruits and greens ingredients, or something more advanced, combining many different types of ingredients.

Well-established VMI Sports has announced it is about to get into the superfood space with a product simply named Greens + Reds. As per the title, it will indeed feature a variety of greens and reds, but that’s not all. The brand is taking that more comprehensive approach, and adding other components to Greens + Reds, such as digestive enzymes and probiotics to support general health, immunity, digestion, and gut health.

All VMI Sports is saying for now on the topic of when we’ll be seeing Greens + Reds on the market is that it’ll be here shortly. It hasn’t provided an exact launch day or week, or even a timeframe, although we don’t imagine the brand previewing the supplement if it was several months away, so fans will definitely want to keep an eye out for it.