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F**king Delicious family adds a chip snack with 18g of protein a bag

All Nutrition Fking Delicious Protein Chips

All Nutrition in Europe has a new protein snack on the market this month, and it’s another product utilizing the intriguing naming convention seen on some of its other items in Fking Delicious. The product is Fking Delicious Protein Chips, which says everything right in the name, being a high-protein product in the familiar chip format, and if it’s to be believed, they’re absolutely delicious.

F**king Delicious Protein Chips from All Nutrition come in a sizeable 60g bag with a protein bar-like amount of protein at 18.6g. That goes alongside an equally high 20.4g of carbohydrates, although only 1.4g of that is sugar, 9g of fat, and a calorie count of 250. None of the impressively small amount of sugar is added sugar, and as one final highlight, the Protein Chips are gluten-free.

All Nutrition has launched its F**king Delicious Protein Chips in a classic chip flavor with Cheese and Onion, and it’s available directly from the brand’s official Polish online store at a low 5.99zł (1.35 USD) a bag.