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Bulk collagen joins the Aware Nutrition lineup and with a competitive price tag

Aware Nutrition Collagen

Aware Nutrition has joined the list of sports, active, and lifestyle nutrition companies with a straightforward collagen supplement to support the general collagen benefits of healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. We’ve seen a mountain of brands come out with that sort of product over the last couple of years, most of them keeping it plain and simple, and launching tubs of bulk bovine collagen in mixable unflavored powder.

Sweden’s Aware Nutrition has introduced precisely that this month, with Aware 100% Collagen featuring only hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides, and it comes in a large half-kilogram tub. You can break that up any way you like, whether that’s 50 servings at 10g each, which is the amount the majority of competitors in collagen have on their label, or go bigger with the likes of 25 servings at 20g with 18.4g of protein and 73 calories.

Aware 100% Collagen is available directly from Aware Nutrition at for 259 kr (24.99 USD), and that is quite competitive, mostly due to how much you get out of each tub at that hefty 500g.