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Black Magic does things a bit different in its beef liver multivitamin Nine Lives

Black Magic Reveals Nine Lives

Black Magic didn’t start as the comprehensive brand it is today, beginning in only a few mainstream categories, although, as fans already know, that is not the case these days. The creative and reliably effective brand now covers all sorts of areas of the industry, from the big ones like pre-workout, weight loss, and amino, to protein powder, nootropic, a natural diuretic supplement, and even a dedicated sexual performance formula.

Next up from Black Magic is its first completely new product in a little more than a year, and this will put it into a category it doesn’t already compete in. Nine Lives is the name of the brand’s upcoming supplement, featuring a combination of vitamins and minerals for general health and wellness, and as you can see on the front of the bottle, it also includes beef liver, resulting in a multivitamin different from the many others.

All Black Magic is saying at the moment about its beef liver and vitamin formula Nine Lives is that it’s coming soon, and as we’ve seen in the past, that typically means it’ll be making its way to the market in about a month or two. We’ll likely get a look at its complete list of ingredients and dosages before the product becomes available, which will give us a better idea of just how well-rounded the beef liver-infused multivitamin is.