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Just Melon flavor come to the Celsius energy drink in Sweden for a limited time

Celsius Sweden Just Melon

Energy drink brand Celsius in Sweden has revealed and released a fresh new flavor for its flagship functional beverage. As fans may already be aware, the lineup of drinks from Celsius in Sweden is different from here in the US, and the active ingredients in the products are not exactly the same. To give you an idea, the formula behind the energy drink over there includes a variety of vitamins, 200mg of caffeine, and absolutely no sugar.

The newest flavor for the Swedish version of the Celsius beverage is Just Melon, which is, of course, a sweet and refreshing sparkling watermelon recipe, again, with no sugar and almost zero calories a can. The product is only around for a limited time, so if you like the taste, you’d be best to stock up, and there are already retailers with the Just Melon Celsius energy drink in stock, including Proteinbolaget individually and in cases.

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