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Classic Raspberry begins hitting shelves in Sweden for Clean Drink’s flagship beverage

Classic Raspberry Clean Drink

Clean Drink is one of the many functional beverage companies out of Sweden that frequently adds to its selection of products with intriguing new flavors, its most recent one hitting the market at the start of the year in Blueberry. Clean Drink is back again, only a few months later, adding another taste to the menu of its signature beverage, featuring a variety of vitamins, minerals, 3g of BCAAs, and a moderate 180mg of caffeine for energy.

The newest option for the energy drink in Sweden from Clean Drink is the sort of flavor you would’ve thought it had already done in a sweet, refreshing, and undoubtedly enjoyable Classic Raspberry. It has all of the usual benefits of the Clean Drink beverage with 180mg of caffeine, no carbohydrates, and only 11 calories from the aminos. It’s already available from retailers in the brand’s home country, including the likes of Proteinbolaget.

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