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Reputable Conteh Sports is adding a product specifically for organ health

Conteh Sports Previews Organ Defence

Health and wellness-style supplements are more than a trend these days; they’ve become an integral part of a sports nutrition brand’s lineup, with many out there offering a great selection of products to support benefits outside of the gym and working out. Core Nutritionals is a great example with its Lifeline Series of seven specialized supplements, and very shortly, the UK-based Conteh Sports is throwing its hat in the ring with the comprehensive Organ Defence.

Conteh Sports is a reputable brand known for putting together well-dosed and reliably effective products. It is now bringing that approach to the health and wellness side in Organ Defence, a supplement specifically built to support and protect vital organs, such as your liver, heart, and kidneys. We don’t know what any of the ingredients are yet, but again, Conteh knows how to formulate and we imagine it’ll give you everything you need for the purpose of organ health.

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