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CTRL puts cookies pieces in the Banana Split flavor of its gamer’s meal replacement

Ctrl Banana Split Meal Replacement

Gaming brand CTRL got plenty of attention the minute it arrived due to the category it put together its first supplement for. Instead of going after energy and focus like everyone else in the gaming space, CTRL decided to give gamers a quick, convenient, and nutritious meal replacement. The product packs a balanced nutrition profile, and it comes in a great selection of flavors, which is the main focus of this post right here.

The reliably creative and generally entertaining CTRL has crafted a completely new flavor for its original meal replacement supplement, and this is not something we see the brand do all that often. The newest addition to the product’s menu is Banana Split, based on the classic dessert of the same name with a delicious combination of ice cream and banana, and it’s been put together in partnership with YouTuber JimmyHere.

As delicious as CTRL and JimmyHere’s Banana Split meal replacement sounds, it is only here for a limited time, so grab it while you can over at at $32.99 for a bag of 12 servings. The product does its bests to deliver a dessert experience as there are cookie pieces in the powder, and despite that the macros are as balanced as usual at 23g of protein, 36g of carbohydrates, 5g of that sugar, 6g of fat, and 280 calories.

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