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Most competitive Clash Of The Cans to-date is starting May 15th

Date For Clash Of The Cans 2023

Back in 2019, we decided to bring the approach we took with protein powder in our prestigious and annual Protein Wars contest to energy drinks with Clash Of The Cans. The category was shaping up to be equally as competitive, and fans were just as, if not more, passionate about the beverages they had come to enjoy. Over the years, the space has grown beyond what we imagined, with a ridiculous amount of products now in the mix.

Today we’re announcing the date for our fifth annual Clash Of The Cans competition, and based on the new entries to the category over the past year, we suspect this is going to be absolutely intense. The way the Clash Of The Cans works is it starts with every energy drink to be voted on, then the top 16 move into the second round in groups of four, then for round three, we have the four in two groups of two, then the one-on-one grand final.

The date Clash Of The Cans V is kicking off is Monday, the 15th of May, and that is when the all-out first round will take place, with the two most-voted energy drinks squaring off in the final three weeks later on the 5th of June. As mentioned, there are a lot of newcomers that weren’t around last year, such as RYSE Fuel, Redcon1 Energy, Prime Energy, Bowmar’s Sharp Energy, and even JST WRK will be in there, as to be included in round one, a product simply needs to be commercially available for at least one month.

Again, May 15th, which is exactly eight weeks from Monday, is when it all kicks off, and we look forward to another intense four weeks of voting and fierce competition. To take part, have your say, and submit your vote, all you need to do is visit when the contest is live. There are forms to pick your favorites, and in later rounds, we do ask for an email verification for votes but don’t worry, it doesn’t sign you up for anything.

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