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Enhanced powers its caffeine-free nootropic Genius 2.0 with TeaCrine and Dynamine

Enhanced Labs Genius 2

Enhanced Labs has re-entered the nootropic category this month with a supplement named Genius 2.0, and it is one of the rare products that doesn’t come with any caffeine. Focus-enhancing formulas without any stimulants are always convenient in that you can then combine them with your preferred level of things like caffeine, whether that be in the form of a dedicated stimulant supplement or something like an energy drink.

While Enhanced Labs hasn’t put any caffeine into Genius 2.0, it still aims to elevate energy thanks to two premium ingredients known for their ability to enhance energy and focus, but they don’t involve caffeine. That pair of components is Compound Solutions’ dynamic duo of TeaCrine and Dynamine, dosed at 30mg pure and 40mg pure, respectively, which should be an excellent addition to the caffeine-free experience.

Enhanced Labs Genius 2 Label

Alongside the TeaCrine and Dynamine, Enhanced Labs Genius 2.0 has a host of common and reliable focus ingredients, including a gram of tyrosine, half a gram each of bacopa, uridine, and ginkgo, 300mg of rhodiola, huperzine A, and lastly, a solid 600mg of alpha-GPC. It’s a robust combination of components that, together, aim to reduce stress, enhanced mood, improve energy and cognition, and support brain health.

Genius 2.0 isn’t as loaded as some other complex competitors in the nootropic category, but Enhanced Labs definitely spices things up by making it caffeine-free and stackable with stimulant products, all while still including TeaCrine and Dynamine for caffeineless energy. You can grab the supplement from the brand’s online store, although it is on the expensive side, coming in at $57.99 for a bottle of 30 servings.