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Evogen brings together a host of reliable liver health ingredients in Liver Longer

Evogen Liver Longer

Hany Rambod’s premium brand Evogen has come out with several health and wellness-style supplements over the past few years, further expanding the reach of its line beyond its original sports nutrition products. Continuing down that path and further adding to the health side of the brand is Liver Longer, a supplement from Evogen built specifically to protect, support, and improve liver health.

Evogen’s Liver Longer brings together a selection of the more common liver-supporting ingredients, including the highly-effective tauroursodeoxycholic acid, better known as TUDCA, which you typically see sold by itself. The product comes with 250mg of TUDCA in each of its four capsule servings, alongside another reliable component in n-acetyl-l-cysteine at 1.2g and a sizeable one gram of milk thistle extract.

Evogen Liver Longer Label

There are a few other notable inclusions in Liver Longer from Evogen, in TRAACS molybdenum glycinate chelate, 100mg of blueberry fiber, 20mg of artichoke, and a premium patented ingredient by the name of Siliphos. It is in the mix at 100mg a serving, and as for Siliphos itself, it is milk thistle enhanced with Phytosome technology to optimize and enhance bioavailability for better absorption and efficacy.

Liver Longer is very much, as its tagline says, “premium liver support supplement”, with Evogen combining several reliable ingredients, branded and standard, and at solid dosages. Directly from the brand’s online store, the dedicated and comprehensive liver health product is $49.95 for a full-size bottle, but keep in mind a bottle only has 21 servings, so when taken every day, it won’t get you through a typical month.