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Gummy leader Goli wants to reduce PMS symptoms in its latest gummy supplement

Goli Nutrition Womens Pms Relief Gummies

The famous gummy supplement company Goli Nutrition is introducing a new member to its family of gummy-format products this week, and similar to its other entries, it explains everything in its name. To go alongside Dreamy Sleep, Triple Action Immune, Ashwagandha, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Kids Multi is PMS Relief, designed specifically for women to help reduce common symptoms of PMS.

Goli Nutrition’s PMS Relief comes in bottles of 60 gummies, which is enough to supply you for a typical month with 30 servings, each made up of two gummies. The ingredients the brand has brought together to reduce PMS symptoms are chasteberry extract for mood swings, irritability, and breast tenderness, dong quai extract for cramps, and the reliable natural diuretic dandelion extract for bloating.

We don’t know the exact amount of all of those ingredients, only the chasteberry at 20mg a serving. The other two are wrapped up in a non-transparent blend in combination with lavender extract, and altogether they tip the scales at 125mg. Being gummies, there is some nutrition alongside that handful of active ingredients with a reasonable 4g of carbohydrates, 3g of that sugar, and a calorie count of 15.

Interestingly, while every other gummy supplement from Goli Nutrition costs exactly the same at $19 a bottle, the all-new PMS Relief is an exception to that rule, coming in at $17 each. That price difference extends down to the multi-bottle bundles and subscriptions, with PMS Relief getting as cheap as $15 a piece in the five-bottle pack and $14.45 if you decide to subscribe and get a bottle every month.