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Introducing Swedish newcomer Powerfactory and its small selection of supplements

Introducing Swedish Power Factory

The Swedish supplement market has become significantly more advanced and competitive over the past couple of years, with newcomers entering the space with a strong approach and well-established brands stepping up their game. Swedish Powerfactory is one of the latest names to hit the scene, and it has debuted with a selection of four products, three of them for popular sports nutrition categories and another, still common type.

Swedish Powerfactory’s starting lineup consists of the balanced pre-workout BAMSE, the ingredient-named amino EAA, the protein powder Whey Isolate, and the carbohydrate source, Cream Of Rice. The nutrition supplements are as straightforward as they sound, with Whey Isolate and Cream Of Rice, but things get a bit more complex in EAA, featuring all nine EAAs, vitamins, minerals, and AstraGin, as well as the pre-workout BAMSE.

Swedish Powerfactory’s BAMSE gives you a good idea of the type of brand it is, as we say with most newcomers and their pre-workouts. It doesn’t feature any over-the-top ingredients or dosages, but as mentioned earlier, it has a well-rounded combination for almost all of the core pre-workout benefits. It has 4g of pure citrulline for pumps, interestingly none of the ever-present beta-alanine, and also, no caffeine for a nice energy kick.

There are said to be more supplements on the way from the newcomer Swedish Powerfactory, but for now, it is BAMSE, EAA, Whey Isolate, and Cream Of Rice driving the competition in Sweden. The brand has priced its products in the more mainstream range with the likes of the pre-workout BAMSE at SEK369 (35.61 USD), and a 2lb, 27 serving tub of the Whey Isolate protein powder sits a little higher at SEK399 (38.51 USD).