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KAIO coming this Saturday and it is going to be Klout’s packed-out premium pre-workout

Klout First Look At Kaio Premium Pre Workout

Klout has already dropped plenty of heat these past couple of weeks, bringing back its sleep aid PWR Off, introducing its weight loss formula PWR Burn, and revamping two of its stimulant pre-workouts in Karma and Mamba. The growing brand did warn that it had more hype and excitement up its sleeve, and that is certainly the case, with today bringing news of its next big drop, and it is extremely exciting despite being another pre-workout.

Up next from Klout, following PWR Off, PWR Burn, Karma, and Mamba, is KAIO, which is another stimulant pre-workout, although it is very different from anything else it already has in the category. KAIO is going to be the brand’s premium approach to the competitive world of pre-workouts, featuring a lengthy list of ingredients and dosages for a more comprehensive and advanced experience compared to Karma, Mamba, and even Realm.

Premium pre-workouts are a lot more fun compared to mainstream, typically-formulated supplements, not just because they have a lot more in them but because they tend to be more diverse and have a bigger difference next to other pre-workouts at a similar price tag. Klout’s premium KAIO is expected to launch this coming Saturday, so only a handful of days away, with the formula behind the product to be shared between now and then.

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