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Weight loss-focused PWR Burn the first to be announced in Klout’s spree of products

Klout Pwr Burn

The first of Klout’s spree of releases has been revealed, and it is an entirely new supplement, expanding the brand’s reach into a category it didn’t have a presence in previously. As mentioned, this is just the first many products Klout has coming down the pipeline, and it has plenty of others up its sleeve, as it confirmed it’s lined up more drops than we got last year when it revamped its three pre-workouts, Mamba, Karma, and Realm.

We’ve got an image of the supplement unveiled today by Klout, and it is a weight loss product named PWR Burn. The brand describes the fat burner as an extreme formula, and it certainly goes hard on the energy side with a potent and strong 300mg of caffeine. Energizing Caffeine is just one of many ingredients in the supplement; it also has some other components for a sensory experience, such as theobromine and Advantra Z synephrine.

Klout Pwr Burn Label

The rest of the ingredients in Klout’s PWR Burn are primarily to support various weight loss benefits, including enhanced thermogenesis, metabolism, water loss, and appetite control. The brand has packed in the likes of 15mg of CaloriBurn branded grains of paradise, 7.5mg of GBBGo for a strong sweat effect, half a gram of green coffee bean, 300mg of dandelion root extract, and 10mg of black pepper for better absorption.

For a first entry into the highly competitive, mainstream category of fat burning, Klout has squeezed more than enough into PWR Burn for an effective experience. The product is coming in capsule format with the usual 30 servings a bottle, and it’ll be making its way to market shortly, but as mentioned, it won’t be alone, with the brand planning to launch a few other all-new supplements alongside the high-powered PWR Burn.