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Influencer exposer Goob creates a high-powered pre-workout with Legendary Labs and calls it Exposed

Legendary Labs X Goob U Exposed Pre Workout

Reputable sports nutrition brand Legendary Labs has partnered with online coach and fitness influencer Goob, known for calling out and exposing topics and individuals in the industry. Goob has crafted a stimulant-powered pre-workout in collaboration with Legendary Labs, filled with ingredients to increase energy, enhance mental focus, improve muscle pumps, and support performance.

The name of the pre-workout from Legendary Labs and Goob is fitting, with Exposed, and it debuted this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio, at the annual Arnold Sports Festival. The brand is now selling the supplement in its online store at with two traditional flavors to choose from in, Frosty Blue Raspberry and Watermelon Refresher, and at a price of $60 for a tub of 25 maximum servings.

As for the ingredients in the pre-workout, Legendary Labs has yet to add a facts panel for Goob’s Exposed to its website, but it does look as though everything in the supplement is transparently dosed, so you’ll see it all if you purchase a tub. There are a few we know of, including a solid dose of citrulline malate for pumps, beta-alanine for performance, noopept to help with focus, and energizing caffeine.