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Premium Complete Health becomes even more comprehensive in Like A Pro’s sequel

Like A Pro Complete Health V2

Complete Health is a comprehensive health and wellness supplement from Jeff Long’s reputable brand, Like A Pro, and when we say comprehensive, we do indeed mean it. The product brings together a whole host of reliable and effective ingredients to support general health and wellness, vital organ function, immune health, and nutrient absorption, with everything squeezed into a sizeable 12-capsule serving.

For 2023, Like A Pro has decided to reformulate Complete Health into Complete V2, which aims to support and improve all of the same health and wellness areas, as well as a few additional effects, further expanding the comprehensive approach. Absolutely everything that was in the original is in the sequel, with the exception of vitamin B6 and some standard versus premium switches in TRAACS magnesium in place of regular, vitamin K2 moving to MenaQ7, and a shift to standard coQ10.

Like A Pro Complete Health V2 Label

All of the other ingredients from the first iteration of Complete Health have, as mentioned, been carried over, including 3g of astragalus, a gram of Rejuna branded arjuna, and another gram of n-acetyl-l-cysteine. What truly separates the revamped version, Complete Health V2, are two premium components in the cellular health and longevity ingredient Mitoprime, and the gut and digestion-supporting PepZin GI.

Basically, Like A Pro has made Complete Health V2 a stronger and, believe it or not, more complete health and wellness supplement, with PepZin adding gut and digestion benefits, Mitoprime giving it a touch of anti-aging, and PepZin GI to improve gut health and support a few other offshoot benefits. The product is going live on the brand’s website this Thursday with the 30 servings a bottle to get you through a full month, and as far as cost goes, it is said to be the same as its predecessor at a pricey $134.95.