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Grapefruit makes its seven flavors for M Nutrition’s energy-infused BCAA beverage

M Nutrition Grapefruit Bcaa Drink

M Nutrition in Finland has a new flavor to close out the month of March for one of its many beverages, and the lucky product getting the attention this time around is the obviously titled BCAA. The brand’s ingredient-named BCAA is a drink that does indeed feature BCAAs at up to 3g a can, a handful of B vitamins, and it wouldn’t be a functional beverage without caffeine, which is in there at a solid 200mg for a nice hit of energy.

BCAA from M Nutrition already had a nice selection of flavors, six to be exact, including the likes of Peachy Summer, Wild Strawberry, and Pineapple Strawberry. Taking the menu to a total of seven this month is another fruity creation by the name of Grapefruit. Like the others, it has absolutely no carbohydrates and just nine calories from the amino acids, and it’s currently rolling out to the brand’s many stores and stockists.

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