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Manticore brings its pre-workout to the US and is leaving the UK shortly

Manticore Brings Invicta To The Us

The still relatively young Manticore began its journey as a supplement company over in the UK, with its well-put-together pre-workout Invicta featuring some respectable highlights, especially since it’s new to the space. The product powers muscle pumps with 1.5g of Nitrosigine, 3g of GlycerSize, and half a gram of elevATP, and it drives energy and focus with full dosages of NeuroFactor and enXtra, and 400mg of caffeine.

Manticore has announced a change in strategy, where it is now offering domestic shipping across the US, and it will soon be getting out of the UK market entirely. America is significantly larger, giving brands access to more opportunities and a more diverse audience. You can now head to Manticore’s website at and purchase Invicta at a very reasonable $45 for a tub of 20 servings with cost-effective shipping options.

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