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Another two limited-time citrusy flavors come to More Nutrition’s water flavorer Zerup

More Nutrition Limited Citrus Zerup

Concentrated liquid flavor products are incredibly common in the European market, and they are something More Nutrition does indeed have in its lineup under the name Zerup. This one is a bit different from the typical functional flavorer, as Zerup isn’t necessarily designed to throw on food, in a smoothie, or to ramp up a shake; it’s for you to combine with water and flavor it without any added sugar or carbohydrates.

More Nutrition’s Zerup is more of a water-flavoring product, with a 65ml bottle being enough to flavor 12 liters of water. It’s similar to Got7 Nutrition’s incredibly similarly named Sirup, designed to do the same sort of thing without any sugar and only a small amount of calories. More’s concentrated liquid flavoring comes in a variety of tastes, and for a limited time, there are two more flavors, and they’re both citrusy creations.

Over at, you can get More Nutrition’s Zerup in limited edition Lemon Iced Tea and Mate Lime flavors, which go nicely alongside the brand’s already available and also citrusy temporary taste, Capri Orange. Directly from the More online store, regular flavors of Zerup are €5.45 (5.85 USD), and that price remains the same for the limited-time launches, Lemon Iced Tea and Mate Lime.