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Mutant announces a body spray that jacks up your gains and swagger by 233%

Mutant Jacked Musk

The 1st day of next month is almost here, and that means fans of sports nutrition supplements, functional foods, and energy drinks need to be prepared for some incredibly intriguing, entertaining, and sometimes very convincing prank products. Over the years, these sorts of brands have proven many times they don’t mind getting in on the fun of April Fools’ Day, especially supplement companies, and it seems as though it’s already started.

Legacy sports nutrition powerhouse Mutant has introduced a promising new product two days out from April Fools’ Day, with Mutant Jacked Musk. It is a body spray designed for use before a workout and built to support muscle building. It has a transdermal effect where every spray is said to send billions of hype-infused, muscle-building nanoparticles through your skin, directly to your muscles, for performance, power, and gains.

Being a body spray, Mutant’s Jacked Musk has a brisk scent to it that is said to boost swagger by 233%, enhancing your look, feel, and smell all in one. We’re guessing, based on how fantastic the product sounds, that this is an April Fools’ Day prank. There are still a couple of days until April Fools’, at which point, or maybe the day after, the brand will confirm it’s all fun unless, of course, it’s not, and we can get our hands on the innovation.

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