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MetaBar features layers of caramel and dark chocolate with 14g of protein and only 2g of net carbs

No Sugar Company Metabar

Functional food company No Sugar Company has put together another delicious-looking treat that goes by the name of MetaBar. The product is a candy bar-style snack, similar to the brand’s already available Keto Bar, although even more mouthwatering. Despite looking like an incredibly enjoyable bar, it has some impressive macros that stay true to the No Sugar Company motto of having zero sugar.

The MetaBar itself is made up of six different layers or textures, all melting together for a blast of flavor and varying consistency. Throughout the process of eating the latest from No Sugar Company, you get whey protein crisps to give it that heightened protein, nougat cookie, real crunchy peanuts, sweet and salty gooey caramel, and decadent dark chocolate at the base and covering the entire protein snack.

The nutrition profile of No Sugar Company’s MetaBar includes a strong 14g of protein, 6g of fat, and a light 2g of net carbohydrates for a calorie count of 140. It is indeed an impressive set of macros, especially with how delicious the product looks. You can grab the undoubtedly tasty MetaBar straight from the brand’s online store at $35.99 (26.13 USD) for a box of 12 bars, which is a very reasonable $26.13 USD each.