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Six new flavors come to NutriFitt for Carnage, Carnage Pump, Symbiote and Epic Greens

Nutrifitt Six New Flavors

Typically we share one or two new flavors at a time when it’s related to flavor extensions for different supplements, although that’s obviously not the case if we’re talking about a full series or collection. NutriFitt has gone against that and dropped not one or two, or even three or four, but six completely new flavors. More importantly, they’re spread across four different products, with two of them getting two additions each.

NutriFitt has released a new flavor of its premier stimulant pre-workout Carnage in Rougarou Rage and two for the stimulant-free and stackable, pump-powering pre-workout Carnage Pump in Terror Tart and Ragesicle. The other half of the flavor extensions are two for Symbiote, the brand’s more intense stimulant pre-workout with 400mg of caffeine in White Out and Maniacal Melon, and lastly, Sweet Georgia Peach for Epic Greens.

As mentioned, NutriFitt has pumped out far more than we typically share when it comes to added flavors, with a grand total of six, and they’re all now available directly from the brand’s online store. All of the products are around the same price, with a tub of Epic Greens from being $44.99, the same price for Carnage Pump, then you have the regular Carnage at $47.99, and the extreme Symbiote sits at $51.99.