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Olly’s Daily Energy gets an Extra Strength version with more goji berry and added vitamin B12

Olly Extra Strength Daily Energy

Daily Energy is obviously an energy-supporting product, available from the gummy specialist Olly, which, if you didn’t know, has a giant selection of supplements in the always enjoyable gummy candy format. Interestingly, there is no caffeine in Daily Energy; in fact, the product proudly calls out on the front of its bottle that it’s “100% caffeine free” relying on a combination of coQ10 and goji berry for a steady flow of energy.

Joining Olly’s Daily Energy is a stronger alternative called Extra Strength Daily Energy, and even though it doesn’t say “100% caffeine free” on its packaging, this one still doesn’t utilize the reliable stimulant. The sequel gummy product, or stronger alternative, has the same ingredients as Daily Energy with coQ10 but at a lower 10mg, 50% more goji berry at 150mg a serving, and a new addition to the formula in 1,000mcg of vitamin B12.

It’s not a drastic change from Daily Energy to Extra Strength Daily Energy, at least, compared to the “extra strength” spin-offs we see in the sports nutrition sector, but it is different and offers more for cellular energy production than the original. The Extra Strength version is available at with the same 30 servings a bottle in a Berry Yuzu flavor and a price tag that’s a few dollars above Daily Energy at $17.99 up from $13.99.