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Pandy’s latest candy creation is cloud shaped and still has just a gram of sugar a bag

Pandy Fluffy Clouds

The creative team at the original Swedish, better-for-you candy company Pandy has been in the kitchen again, cooking up another functional food, and it is a fresh new flavor for its delicious, low-sugar candy. The brand has expanded the product into many different shapes and sizes over the years, such as hearts, watermelon slices, cola bottles, peaches, fish with a touch of sour, and now we have cloud-shaped Pandy candy,

Fluffy Clouds is indeed Pandy’s latest candy creation, which is a bag of soft, cloud-shaped, low-sugar candy in two flavors; red-colored clouds, which are strawberry, and green-colored for green apple. The macros on a 50g bag are as good as any other Pandy candy flavor with 7.5g of carbohydrates, under a gram of sugar, 2g of protein, no fat, and 70 calories, and they’ll be available in a few days on Monday of next week.

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