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Coastal finally preparing to roll out its more advanced pre-workout Davy Jones

Preview Of Coastal Formulas Davy Jones Pre Workout

Last year Coastal Formulas’ introduced its first-ever stimulant pre-workout named Shark Attack, and while it doesn’t feature an overly advanced formula, at least on the level we’d seen in some of its other supplements, it did say it had another pre-workout in the works. That other competitor for the same category as Shark Attack was said to be that more complex product, and today we’ve got a first look at it.

Joining Coastal Formulas’ still currently only entry in the high-competitive world of pre-workouts is Davy Jones; it is being advertised right on the front of the supplement as “fully dosed”, confirming this will likely be that more advanced product we’ve been waiting for. Alongside the “fully dosed” callout, the brand lists some of the key ingredients in the formula, and they include pump-powering GlycerSize, Nitrosigine, and S7.

There are other components in the Davy Jones pre-workout for a more comprehensive experience supporting more benefits and effects outside of pumps, and one other confirmed ingredient in the mix is the ever-present AstraGin for better absorption and efficacy. Coastal Formulas is looking to launch its second and more complete stimulant pre-workout in a couple of weeks, putting it out and available mid-next month.