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White-branded series from Project #1 turns out to be Cllagen, Greens and Reds

Project 1 Nutrition Organic Series

After a couple of teasers over the last week or so, Project #1 Nutrition has taken the covers off its alternatively branded family of supplements made up of three products, and all of them are completely organic. In the mysterious pictures the brand shared recently, we got a few bits and pieces of information that had us thinking we were getting a superfood supplement, a natural plant-powered protein, and maybe a pre-workout.

With Project #1 Nutrition finally unveiling its three organic products, we can confirm we were kind of close on all of the supplements, as our superfood suspicion actually covers two of the three. Filling out the series is Collagen, a multi-source grass-fed collagen providing protein and supporting hair, skin, and nail health; and two superfood products, Greens, featuring several greens ingredients, and Reds, with, of course, reds.

It’s a nice set of supplements from Project #1 Nutrition, adding some diversity to the catalog and with Collagen, Greens, and Reds in its own series, the brand has left things open to add even more products in that style and have it make sense. The supplements are all going live on Thursday of next week through the brand’s website, and they’ll have options to choose from with two different flavors for each of the three new releases.