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Black Energy Extreme proudly promoted as Project AD’s most intense supplement ever

Project Ad Black Energy Extreme

Project AD, also referred to as Anabolic Designs, is known for some intensely effective supplements, putting together several over the years, with its fat burner Shredabull still being the most potent thermogenic we’ve ever experienced. This past weekend at the Arnold Sports Festival, Anabolic Designs introduced a product for energy, focus, mood, and performance, and apparently, it is its most intense supplement ever released.

Black Energy Extreme is Anabolic Designs’ latest innovation, and again, the brand is promoting it as being its most intense product to ever come to market. The interesting part about the supplement is the brand has not put the facts panel on its website, nor has it noted what any of the ingredients or dosages are, only saying it’s for energy, focus, mood, and performance.

It’s very rare that a brand, especially one as reputable as Anabolic Designs, leaves out something like the facts panel that informed consumers rely on to reassure themselves a product is right for them. Black Energy Extreme is not any ordinary supplement either; as mentioned, the brand is confidently promoting it as its “most intense product ever released”, and that line is, in fact, printed on Black Energy’s packaging.

Anabolic Designs already had our attention with the unmissable “most intense” phrase on the box of Black Energy Extreme, but the missing facts panel has us even more interested. Another point worth highlighting is the energy and focus-fueling supplement has just 12 capsules a box, so if all of the extreme experience is squeezed into a single capsule, you only get 12 servings.

If you’d like to give Anabolic Designs’ promising or, at the very least, intriguing Black Energy Extreme, a try, you can do so through its online store, where a box of the sensory supplement will cost you $29.95. That price is a lot lower than your typical pre-workout and well below your average premium pre-workout, but as we said, there appear to be 12 servings a box, and if you scale that to 30 servings, all up, you’re looking at $74.88.