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Well-known GDA from ProSupps is back and this time it’s completely transparent

Prosupps Return Of Iload

I-Load is one of ProSupps’ earlier and more well-known supplements, despite belonging to one of the more specialized categories. It is a glucose disposal agent or, more simply, a GDA, designed to help your body better utilize carbohydrates. The idea is you take it alongside a carb-heavy meal, whether that be the last meal before your workout or an over-the-top cheat meal to make more efficient use of everything you throw down.

ProSupps’ handy glucose disposal agent I-Load is back this year, featuring a look more in line with the brand’s other, more recently updated supplements, and fans will be pleased to know it has all of the same ingredients as before. The 2023 edition of I-Load comes with a handful of common GDA components, including banaba at 300mg, 260mg of bitter melon extract, 220mg of gymnema sylvestre, and, lastly, 120mg of cinnamon bark.

Longtime followers of ProSupps will also notice all of those I-Load ingredients are transparently dosed, which was not the case previously, with everything coming wrapped up in a 900mg, non-transparent blend. Those dosages mentioned still come to the same sort of total in every two capsule serving, and if you want to give the returning supplement a try, it is in stock on the brand’s website in bottles of 60 servings at a reasonable $24.99