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Latest limited flavor of Total War only comes in a half-sized tub and in a bundle

Redcon1 Kiwi Lime Total War

If you’re a fan of Redcon1 and like to try every or as many flavors as you can of its signature stimulant pre-workout Total War, another taste trickled out this month, although not in the typical fashion. If you are indeed a regular user of the supplement, we don’t need to remind you Total War has many different flavors to choose from; in fact, currently, on the brand’s website, it lists a mountainous menu of over 20 tastes.

Dropped closer to the start of this month by Redcon1 was a flavor combination we don’t often see, if at all, in Kiwi Lime, blending, of course, sweet kiwifruit and citrusy lime for a refreshing experience. We did say there is a bit of a twist to the flavor extension, as instead of launching Kiwi Lime Total War in its usual 30-serving size, the brand has it in a half-size 15-serving with all of the same ingredients at their usual dosages.

Another interesting thing about Redcon1’s Kiwi Lime Total War is you can’t purchase it individually; you have to buy it in a set with a branded hat for a combined $27.99 in the Lime Performance Bundle. If the combination of kiwifruit and lime sounds like a bit of you, head over to the Redcon1 website and get in soon, as it is only going to be around for a limited time.

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